Requirements management for software-defined hardware

Teams developing complex hardware  avoid catastrophic rework

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How it works

Requirements management that doesn't slow you down.

Import what you need, start editing, invite colleagues, and put AI to work on your overhead tasks – all within minutes.

Fast Import
Simple Editing
Seamless Collaboration
AI Superpowers

Product features

Built in close cooperation with leading engineers to solve the most painful problems in product development.

Simple UI

Word-like document editing experience with real-time collaboration

Powerful back-end

Robust traceability, time-based and custom versioning, item level attributes, flexibility to adapt to workflows

Editing and authoring

Dive deep into a single item or see the big picture - different view options to adjust to your workflows

Efficient real-time collaboration, even across companies

Significant reduction in collaboration overhead – combine formal and informal communication, see teammates' progress in real time, and get notified of blockers for swift resolution. Create separate workspaces with granular permissions – invite people from other departments or even external companies.

Easily handle variants, time machine baselines and attributes

Our innovative approach to data management enables: easy creation of variants and configuration management; powerful time-based workflows; item-level attributes; design parameter management.

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Trusted by the best
Supercharged by AI

Deep integration with AI

Safe and secure use of AI, your data is not used to train a model.

AI semantic search

No need to guess how your colleagues (mis)spelled something

Smart import

Data from imported Markdown or Word documents gets converted into individual items.

Improvement suggestions

Automatically check requirements against INCOSE and EARS rules.

AI suggested traces

Entire set of items is analyzed for potentially missing or incorrect traces.

Chat with your requirements

Chat interface that lets you ask questions about your requirements.

Full context awareness

AI engine is aware of all work happening across the workspace and surfaces siloed issues.

Fine-tuning models

Optional fine-tuning of AI model on company data to improve productivity.

Additional features


Robust backup and recovery, strict access controls, enhanced encryption, and compliant operations ensured by ongoing SOC 2 Type II audit.


Further workflow customization thanks to easily accessible API


What’s next?

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